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About Us

PRATHAM is an educational institute that remains adamant in emerging as one of the leading institutes, enhancing the budding youth into successful individuals. PRATHAM that means ‘the first one’ leaves no stone unturned in catering to the paramount careers of many just like the name suggests. The flourishing organization has been adept in providing aid to more than 80,000 students, thriving to pave their careers remarkably in the race. PRATHAM succors to enhance overall personalities of individuals who splurge both with intelligence and prowess.

This extravagantly leading organization is simply an epitome of hard-work, blended with aspiration and perseverance. It’s optimistic approach helps many achieve their career goals by brushing their strengths. PRATHAM exceptionally ‘Leads the Way’, urging dynamic individuals to overcome their weaknesses and downfalls. It adheres to deliver peripheral direction where success is the epicenter of everything.

Throughout the years of rapid evolution, the institute altogether has been embracing brilliance, knowledge and education that help students foster and discover their aptitude. PRATHAM directs students to cling on to these stimulating aptitudes, so that they can compete, excel and ace in number of entrance examinations, framing a bright picture of their future.

PRATHAM Test Prep is a place that prepares and trains students for various General Aptitude based examinations for:-
  • Management
  • Mass Communication
  • Bachelor in Computer Application
  • Law
  • Hotel Management
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT )

Pratham Vision Mission and Values


PRATHAM is a steadfast entity that visions to become a trustworthy trail for students between age group of 15 and 18 years. Its staunch approach is to lead students across a career pavement that plainly resonates with their aptitude and skills. PRATHAM sticks by the resolute step to mentor students on concrete grounds of ethics, untangling their career dilemmas.


Like any other educational institute, PRATHAM is determined in giving knowledge to the students and unlike most of the institutes, it delivers awareness amongst students to help them make well-informed decisions about their career and sketch a better picture of their future. Its major mission is not just to raise brilliant students above the shore, but it also aims to imbibe students with awareness that will help them become better individuals in future.


PRATHAM functions in alignment to precise values that persuades the entity in adhering to its commitments and conduct. The organization flawlessly stands on esteemed pillars of value and worth, that every stature of its practical and theoretical approach remains unshaken. The institute lays down the foundation of the 3 E’s that continues to be its firm concept.


PRATHAM’s integrity stands profound by its giant principle of meritocracy that is in virtue of human values and code of conduct. The unparalleled outlook of the institute measures merit in terms of trustworthy approaches it functions with. PRATHAM binds each professional morality with rock-hard ethics, producing a ray of wholesome development for every individual. Be it students, parents, enrolling authorities or those who join hands with the prestigious organization, merit paves a virtual and positive way for everyone.


‘Educate, Enlighten and Inspire,’ quoted by Doughlas Gresham, truly describes that ‘to educate is to enlighten.’ PRATHAM similarly believes that the core idea behind education is the enlightenment of the mind. The institute works tangential to each point of the enlightening circle of education that serves a long term benefit for students in future.


Efficiency is a never-to-miss approach of the organization that builds a ladder of success for both itself and the students. Every step PRATHAM takes is a step towards success that keeps on prevailing with an undivided efficient stride. The proficiency compiled with rigorous professionalism adds up to the adeptness and proactive valor of the organization.

Our USPs'


PRATHAM has produced over 2847 ranks in top 50 Final Selections in past 8 years


We provide comprehensive classroom trainings, spending more hours with students


PRATHAM Student Dashboard comprises of eLectures, PDFs, Class Notes and Upcoming Exam Details


Registering with us, ensures a lifelong bond that a child can leverage anytime in life


Mnemonics are used as a memory aid to help learn lists or sequence of important facts and figures


PRATHAM focuses on simulating the real test environment so that our students get used to it and not get jittery on the Exam Day