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What SUPPORT we provide to our
Edu Excellence Partners

  • Marketing Support PRATHAM Test Prep has a highly developed Marketing Team that ensures that the presence of PRATHAM is extensively done on various social and digital platforms. WE will continue to provide that support centrally. We plan to execute and to track campaigns both off line and online to provide Business growth oriented results. All marketing collaterals, which are made after a lot of research, will be provided to you from our end. Necessary support to conduct seminars from time to time will be provided to you from our end.

  • Your Success is our testimony Your Business Success is our success too. WE at PRATHAM not just think of you as a business partner but as part of our growing family. We are always with you to help you grow your business and make all possible efforts to make your business a success. We have always believe that to emerge as winners in this era of cut throat competition we need to hold each other hands to sustain with an intention to make it an educated society. IF our business partners are happy, they will have happy Students and happy students are always great for a business to grow.

  • Tech Support - PRATHAM as a brand and company is one of the few companies which rely majorly on Technology. PRATHAM Currently uses an Online Receipt System, Employee Management System, Data Calling System, Marketing Automation System and Lead Management System for its Business Development needs and the same tech support would also be provided to the PRATHAM Edu Excellence Partners. For the Students we have a PRATHAM Student Information System which provides its students all facilities of online material, E-Lectures, Mock Exam System and Query handling

  • Academic Support - PRATHAM Material is the most exhaustive and comprehensive study material for various entrance exams. Every year we change or add almost 40% of the material to keep up with the changing exam patterns. Edu Excellence partners get the opportunity to train there faculty with the help of the PRATHAM Academic team to give their students the best teaching experience. A constant support in terms of all your academic needs will be our utmost priority.

How To Apply


  • Step 1 : Fill up a basic Enquiry form.

  • Step 2 : Upon receipt of your basic Enquiry, you will be sent a detailed Questionnaire to help us understand you and the location for which you are planning to become a PRATHAM Edu Excellence Partner.

  • Step 3 : Visit to the PRATHAM HO in Delhi

  • Step 4 : Provide the necessary paper work and go through the Partner agreement

  • Step 5 : Meeting with the top management of the company to share your business plan and Ideas