What Do we

Basic things to succeed in any Education Service Industry include.

  • Consider this as a 24 x 7 job.

    There should not be any other business that you should be employed. AS this itself would be a 24x7 job and would require total and complete commitment. i.e. As PRATHAM Business Partner , this should be the only business that you should be looking at

  • Ethical Conduct of Business

    WE at PRATHAM stand for certain values and ethics and we also expect our Edu Excellence Partners to adhere to the same set of values, so that both of us can grow.

  • Give Importance to Customer Satisfaction

    As a partner customer satisfaction should be of supreme importance. A Happy Customer today is equal to 10 Happy Customers tomorrow.

  • Faculty

    We expect our Edu Excellence Partners to fulfill the role of a faculty. It helps you to maintain a relationship with your students and know them better. It enables you to get them best possible service and solve all the necessary queries. Quality of education is provided to the students by continuous monitoring.

What should our partner's expect


very day is a new day, posing different challenges and new opportunities on this journey. Please understand that this would be a 24x7 job. It will be very different from a regular routine, where you work through the week and Sunday is an off. Here at the Edu Excellence Partner journey, Weekends will be the most interesting part of the week. You will be working with the greatest possible enthusiasm and zeal to generate results, and when you are just about to become the torchbearers for tomorrow, thinking about the weekends will be the last thing on your priority list. A normal day will start early for business development and will end in a class with you fulfilling the role of a faculty.
As an entrepreneur you would have to act as a Business Leader to grow your business and also act as a faculty to provide top notch service to your students. If as an Entrepreneur you are able to go through with this for about 1000 days (Three Years) your business will not only flourish but also will be highly profitable.

What should our partner's expect

Ingredient to Success

As dynamic as it can get, the education industry is very competitive in nature. The best will prevail and there is no scope for mediocrity. It is a service industry where customer is the king. The prime motive behind should be to provide the customer with a WOW experience. It’s not only about growing your business but also servicing your client which is of paramount importance. Word of mouth publicity is of utmost importance in a customer driven industry. If the Client goes back highly satisfied with the services offered, will happily become the brand ambassador for our business. This is how PRATHAM as a brand has established itself over the years. There is no Shortcut to make a customer happy as there are many lucrative offers around. As a part of PRATHAM, one should always aim for customer delight.