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What is Management?

Management is defined as a profession that involves managing people, things, tasks etc. This career is referred to as a career with the maximum scope. Why we say this is because wherever we look, whatever we do, we require managers. Just to state certain situations:

  • If we have to run a restaurant - We need managers
  • If we have to manage an IT company - We need managers
  • If we have to operate a Tuition center - Then too we need managers

If we have a look at the statistics then we get to see that Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and in the coming years India is expected to grow at a faster rate than USA. Also everyday more and more Multinational companies are setting up offices in India - for running these companies there is a growing need of managers and this growing need will continue to exist.

Pursuing Management at an undergraduate level

Management comes in various specializations catering to students with different interests and focus levels. The most common forms of management as a course are Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), and Integrated 5 year Program (IPM) in management from IIM-Indore.

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