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PRATHAM, when translated literally, means ‘The First One’. Going by its name, PRATHAM has emerged as the leading institute which has provided aid to more than 80,000 students in not just paving a remarkable career path for them but also enhancing their overall personality.

We, at PRATHAM, believe that there are no aspirations that are too difficult to achieve. A perfect amalgamation of hard work, perseverance and guidance towards the correct path can help you achieve the acme of your career. We are adept in helping you enhance your strengths, overcome your weaknesses and thereby, metamorphosing you into dynamic individuals.

PRATHAM tirelessly works to ‘Lead The Way…’ so every student can realize his/her dreams and can touch the zenith.

Not only do we help students know their aptitude but we also give them guidance which enhances their hold over these aptitudes so that they can ace in various entrance examinations and reach their dream college.

The various General Aptitude based examinations that we train our students for are:

  • Management
  • Law
  • Mass Communication
  • Hotel Management
  • Bachelor in Computer Application
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT )


“To become a beacon and a trustworthy trail for students of ages 15 to 18 years that leads them to a career path that is congruent to their aptitude and skill-sets. Be a mentor to students and be their one-stop answer to every perplexity and dilemma about their career.”

Our mission is not just to give knowledge to the students but also to educate them about the various aspects of choosing a career so that they can make well-informed decisions. The aim is to produce students who aren’t only intelligent and sharp but individuals who are aware, fastened for all the challenges that come their way

PRATHAM works in accordance with certain values that govern our convictions, commitments and conduct. These values are our driving force and we make stringent efforts to not astray from the path and values. PRATHAM believes in concept of 3Es , they are

We stand by the principle of meritocracy: merit in terms of human values and code of conduct, merit in terms of unparalleled and trustworthy services provided, and merit in terms of confident and wholesome development of everyone (our students, their parents, teammates, et al) who has a stake, however implicit or explicit, vested in us.
The core idea behind education is enlightenment of the mind which makes several insights and perspectives possible. We, at PRATHAM, focus largely on education that doesn’t serve a short term advantage but instead has a long term benefit
Whatever we do has to be better than the rest and has to be the most competent. With success on our mind and never-say-die spirit of improvisation, we work tirelessly to achieve this aim. The ladder to success cannot be climbed in one single day and we emulate this thought as we climb up becoming better with every possible opportunity to serve our customers with professionalism, adeptness and proactivity

Our USPs'

High Density of Top Rankers

PRATHAM has produced over 2847 ranks in top 50 Final Selections in past 8 years

Comprehensive Preparation

We provide comprehensive classroom trainings, spending more hours with students

e-Learning System

PRATHAM Student Dashboard comprises of eLectures, PDFs, Class Notes and Upcoming Exam Details

Lifetime Mentorship Program

Registering with us, ensures a lifelong bond that a child can leverage anytime in life

Use of Mnemonics

Mnemonics are used as a memory aid to help learn lists or sequence of important facts and figures

Regular Mock Tests

PRATHAM focuses on simulating the real test environment so that our students get used to it and not get jittery on the Exam Day