Psychometric Test (Interest-Aptitude-Personality Inventory)
Amidst the changing mindsets of youth, numerous new-age career options and a strong parental desire to see their ward doing well, choosing a career has become an arduous decision. The first step to a gleaming career ahead, is to choose an appropriate stream after class X. The parents and children, who are the stakeholders of this vital decision, have to be fortified with knowledge and appropriate information about the whole process.

Information is needed on the plethora of career options available in the current times and how oneís psychological make-up can be mapped with the desired option. Choosing a stream is no more based on CGPA or the knowledge of elders. Studentsí personal characteristics play a vital role in this decision now. It is agreed that selecting an appropriate stream and then an apt career, will lead to greater work satisfaction in later stages of life. Hence, a careful selection of stream after class X can set the stage for a fulfilling career path and life ahead.

Stream selection should be based on following four vital parameters:
  • Interest of the student
  • Personality of the student
  • Different abilities of the students
  • Parental guidance

A vigilant psychological assessment and a fool proof mapping of these factors can help the students and parents take informed decisions. For the same, a student will have to undergo a psychometric assessment followed by a process where the results are matched with the career options that the student is interested in pursuing/ or the one suggested by the assessment.

This psychometric assessment indicates the studentís strengths and weaknesses in various psychological dimensions like independence, sociability, autonomy, self-acceptance, self-confidence etc. Further, the analysis also speaks about the studentís ability with numbers, language, logic, mechanics etc. As these abilities are present in every student, only the varying individual levels need to be tapped and understood. This information provides a blueprint of oneís personal make-up. All this information is judged in a disguised manner and the student is largely unaware of the results. What the student is aware of is his interest areas. So, a cautious analysis of his interest is also done.

An important step that concludes this process is our discussion with the parents and student together. As we believe their contributions are vital and indispensable for best outcomes.
Biometric Test (Dermatoglyphics)
The word Dermatoglyphics comes from two Greek words (derma- skin and glyphe- carve) and refers to the scientific study of fingerprints. The term was coined by Dr. Harold Cummins, the father of American fingerprint analysis, even though the process of fingerprint identification was already being used for several hundred years.

Personality can be traced early in the motherís womb, and it is reflected in fingerprints. Since each personís fingerprints are unique, we can understand oneís innate potential, personality, and preferences by analyzing Dermatoglyphics. The study of fingerprints has become very popular, therefore, students take this test with the intention to identify their potential timely and expand it to the optimum.

P.S: Our assessment process follows a combination of both the tools to ensure unsurpassed understanding of a studentís interest, aptitude, personality and his innate potential.

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We, at PRATHAM, earnestly believe that if you make a career in what you enjoy doing, you would never have to press yourself to work even a single day! Such a choice will be possible only after the first important milestone of apt stream selection is met followed by the in depth understanding of various careers and the personality traits cum occupational scales required to excel in that field.

PRATHAM makes this easy for you.
To gauge where your aptitude and interest lie, we have devised a "Stream Competency Test" (SCT) and for helping you reach a career of your choice we offer you the 'Career Competency Test'. These tests that are proprietary products of PRATHAM, have been ideated by a team of dedicated Educationists, HR professional and Psychologists. The Tests have been tested and validated with a great success rate. And the counseling sessions/ workshops have enjoyed great popularity and fan following over the years. So come down for a one to one experience, and enjoy taking the test to know the best path for you ahead- in terms of streams or/& careers.

Psychometric Test
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