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Career Competency Test

With so many options in front of you, it would be mind dazing to select your career path! More often than not, people end up taking options that other feel are good for them. Think backwards! How many decision have you taken absolutely as per your wishes? What language to take while in 6th, which stream to pursue when you got into 11th? Were these decisions solely guided by you? Or were they taken under various pressures: parents, peers, society, et al!

Today, we have moved beyond the conventional few options of doctors, engineers, teachers, etc. But, does it solve our problem, or rather adds up to it further?

We, at PRATHAM, earnestly believe that if you make a career in what you enjoy doing, you would never have to press yourself to work even a single day! So, don't you think that career choice, rather than depending on others, should depend on just one person YOU!

We break this into 2 parts: intrinsic factors (interest, aptitude and passion) and extrinsic factors (awareness and feasibility). To gauge what your interests and passions are, we have devised a "Career Competency Test" (CCT). This test, a proprietary product of PRATHAM, has been ideated by various educationists and HR professionals and has been tested and proven with a success rate of more than 80%. CCT not only helps you figure out what you are best suited for but it also tells you more about your dominant characteristics. People who validated this test are from leading global organizations such as McKinsey & Co, Boston Consultancy Group, McKinsey Knowledge Center, Deloitte, Google, Pernod Ricard, State Bank of India.

We have held the "Career Competency Test" workshop across more than 250 plus premier schools in Delhi and NCR. The response we have received so far has been phenomenal! If you wish to have this seminar conducted at your school as well, do reach out to us and we would be glad to hold it for you and your institute.

Given below are some of the schools where the Career Competency Workshop has been held in the recent past-


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